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Count Me In! What We Did Together in 2021

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Dear Labor Leaders and Union Members,

In 2021, we have seen record numbers of working people stand up and take collective action. By joining together in strikes, sick-outs, rallies, and protests, manufacturing workers, fast food servers, school bus drivers, and many others have won higher pay and better working conditions. This year has made it clear that there is power in a union. Public approval of unions is at an all-time high, and more workers are organizing.

Read our 2021 Annual Report (PDF).

We are excited to grow and strengthen the labor movement here. During the past year in North Carolina, nurses at Mission Health in Asheville won their first union contract, drivers at US Foods and researchers at the Center for Responsible Lending won union organizing campaigns, and more unions affiliated with our state federation and Central Labor Councils.

At our annual convention, I was honored to be re-elected as your President. Together with you, your members, and our new Executive Board, I am excited about all that we can do in 2022. Together we win, so you can count me in to work with you all to build a bigger, bolder, broader labor movement in North Carolina.

In Solidarity,

MaryBe McMillan

Read our full 2021 Annual Report (PDF)