Workers Bear Witness To Injustice at Thom Tillis Town Hall (Clayton)

NC State AFL-CIO, PO Box 10805, Raleigh, NC 27605

Press Advisory for August 30, 2011

Contact: Jeremy Sprinkle, Communications Director, 919-833-6678,


AFL-CIO and allies will demonstrate outside McCall’s in Clayton at 11:30am Tuesday, August 30

Clayton, N.C. – Before North Carolina voters get the chance to hold politicians accountable in the next election, concerned citizens in the Triangle will have one last opportunity to take Thom Tillis to task for his disastrous speakership of the State House at a legislative town hall here on Tuesday, August 30.  Advocates for workers and others will be there to bear witness to Thom Tillis’ divisive, ideologically driven legislative agenda – an agenda that has exacted one sacrifice after another from working folks while rewarding his staff with 27 percent pay increases and his corporate campaign contributors with new tax loopholes and exemptions from environmental law.  In fact, Thom Tillis recently took home top honors at a meeting of the corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council for his efforts to pass laws written by corporate lobbyists.

Earlier this year, over 37,000 jobless workers went months without unemployment benefits because Thom Tillis hijacked federal funds for political gamesmanship with the Governor.  Thanks to Thom Tillis’ austerity budget, thousands more state and local workers are joining the unemployment line.  Tillis has yet to find time on his legislative calendar even to consider a jobs bill, opting instead to fight partisan battles over women’s health care, Voter ID, and anti-gay constitutional amendments.

What: Protest outside Thom Tillis town hall

When: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 11:30 am

Where: McCall’s BBQ, 10365 US 70 Business Hwy W, Clayton, NC 27520

Why: Speaker Thom Tillis needs to know his legislative assault on workers, women, public education, democracy, and the environment is not going unnoticed

Who: NC State AFL-CIO and progressive allies

For more information call Jeremy Sprinkle at 336-255-2711.