“Why Democracy Matters” Tour stops in Charlotte, Oct. 5th

Why does democracy matter to you?

On Wednesday, October 5th, a coalition of groups including us, N.C. Voters for Clean Elections, Common Cause North Carolina, Democracy North Carolina, Institute for Southern Studies, League of Women Voters, North Carolina NAACP, and others will hold a special forum to highlight the need for “pro-democracy” agenda as communities across the state work to support good jobs, strong schools, racial justice, and a safe environment for all.

The League of Women Voters – Charlotte will host the forum, entitled “Why Democracy Matters,” at the Asian Herald Library.

Speakers at this forum will include: Chris Kromm, Executive Director of the Institute for Southern Studies and Rhiannon Fionn, Award Winning Journalist and Filmmaker on Coal Ash

What: “Why Democracy Matters” Tour

When: Wednesday, October 10th from 6:30-8:30 PM

Where: The Asian Herald Library, 1339 Baxter St, Charlotte, NC 28204

Featuring: Chris Kromm, Executive Director of Institute for Southern Studies, and Rhiannon Fionn, Award Winning Journalist and Filmmaker on Coal Ash

RSVP: bit.ly/wdm2016clt (FREE)

Event Page: ncvce.nationbuilder.com/why_democracy_matters_charlotte

Contact: Melissa Price Kromm, melissa@ncvce.org // 919-272-5447

Please join us for this special event on Wednesday evening, October 5th, from 6:30-8:30 pm. Your RSVP is requested, but not required.