What Many Conservatives Think of Postal Workers

This video speaks for itself

William Burris, President of the American Postal Workers Union, responds:

If there was ever any doubt about where our allegiance should be in the November elections, the doubters should view a recent “debate” featured on the Fox Business Channel. (I use the term “debate” loosely. As viewers will see, all the panelists agreed that the Postal Service should be privatized.)

More astounding than that, however, was the utter contempt that GOP “strategist” Jack Burkman displayed toward postal employees.

Declaring that postal workers are “thoroughly unskilled labor” he advocated forcing our members to be “bumped down” to replace “Nigerian and Ethiopian cab drivers.”

While many right-wing activists express a desire to “take back their country” and lower taxes, they show disdain for workers — such as postal employees. The “Bigot Brigade,” led by Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, and Tea-Party imposters, feed on bigotry and fear. Over the summer they stirred up resentment against Hispanics in Arizona and Muslims in New York. Now they have set their sights on postal employees, and by extension, Nigerian and Ethiopian cab drivers.

Postal workers, take heed. This video reflects the opinion of many conservatives. I suggest that you view the entire segment — and be sure to keep it in mind when you vote on Nov. 2.

To his credit, former New York Senator Al D’Amato does a thorough take down of Jack Burkman for his clearly offensive comments…before going on to agree with Burkman that the USPS should be privatized.