Vote FOR Wake Transit Referendum at END of Your Ballot!

Is Atlanta’s traffic nightmare our future? Wake County voters will decide Nov. 8!

In this election, at the very end of their ballots, Wake County voters will finally get the chance to vote for a referendum that, if passed, will fund a smart plan to vastly expand public transit and head off a coming traffic nightmare on par with Atlanta.

Wake is outgrowing its transit system. The county adds an average of 64 people daily – 23,000 per year – to its population, which now exceeds 1 million residents. County commissioners have adopted a solid 10-year plan to prepare for today’s growth and tomorrow’s congestion that will, in its first phase, put 54% of homes and 80% of jobs with walking distance of transit.

Cars vs. Transit: What do 64 more people mean for our roads?

Vote FOR transit at the END of your ballot!

Vote FOR transit at the END of your ballot!

Now it’s up to Wake County voters to approve the funding – a tiny, 1/2-cent sales tax that will pay big dividends:

  • Less-crowded roads
  • Triple bus service and new, rapid transit
  • Longer hours and schedules kept
  • More and better ways to get to school, work, and play
  • A solid plan for a better life

Watch a short video about the plan and learn more at

“It’s a tax people won’t notice for a lot of benefits that are overdue,” said the News & Observer editorial board, which endorsed the referendum:

It has been a long time coming — and Wake County voters owe it to themselves and to generations to come to support a small item with big possibilities on their November ballots: a one-half percent local sales and use tax dedicated to public transit systems. This tax will allow the county to catch up with the need for developing faster, more efficient transit systems and to plan connections with Orange and Durham counties.

Read the full editorial here.

Mailers going out to ALL union households in Wake County

The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1328 is part of a broad coalition supporting the Wake Transit plan, including the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, real estate, environmentalists, AARP, the NC Justice Center, and many others.

NC State AFL-CIO is supporting the transit referendum with mailers going out to thousands of union households in Wake County (PDF):


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