Victory Fund drive update

As of this writing, the following local unions and central labor councils have made donations to the NC State AFL-CIO Victory Fund:

  • AFGE 1738
  • AFT of NC
  • APWU 984
  • ATU 128
  • BCTGM 229
  • Triangle Labor Council
  • IAFF 682 of Winston-Salem
  • IAMAW 1859
  • IAMAW 2296
  • IAMAW 2297
  • IAMAW 757
  • IAMAW NC Council
  • IAMAW W369
  • IBT 391
  • ILA 1426

The State Federation exists in part to coordinate a unified political effort among our member unions and state councils. 2008 will see elections in North Carolina for the U.S. president, U.S. House and Senate plus N.C. governor, lieutenant governor, council of state, state legislature, and others. The Victory Fund was established so that members could make donations to offset the considerable additional expenses involved in mounting an effective Labor 2008 strategy.

Money donated to this fund will not be used to communicate with the general public or as contributions to candidates.

For more information about how your local union or council can join the Victory Fund drive, contact our office at 919-833-6678.