URGENT: Oppose Bill that Expands Wage Garnishment

Terrible idea for NC consumers and businesses

Last week Rep. Timothy Moore (R- 111th District, Shelby) introduced HB 30 – “Allow Wage Garnishment to Satisfy Judgments” – which was referred to House Judiciary Subcommittee A. This bill will cause great harm to many North Carolina families struggling to make ends meet, as well as to employers who will get caught in the middle of debt collection problems.

Please contact members of the House Judiciary Subcommittee A today. They will meet tomorrow morning, Wednesday, February 9th, 10am in 1327 LB, to consider this bill. See below for contact names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Why are we concerned about HB30?

NC already allows wage garnishment for certain judgments such as child support. HB 30 drastically expands wage garnishment for other judgments, putting struggling families at severe financial risk.

This bill will increase the number of families:

  • Pushed into poverty and requiring public support (food stamps, Medicaid, etc.)
  • Falling behind on their mortgage, increasing the risk of default and foreclosure
  • Falling behind on their rent
  • Filing for bankruptcy (Based on the experience in other states, we predict that bankruptcy filings will at least double, possibly triple, if this bill passes).

In addition, this bill will:

  • Put employers in the business of debt collection, wasting their time and money garnishing wages
  • Force employees to leave their jobs as the only available way to escape the garnishment when they cannot make ends meet on their reduced take home pay
  • Lower the tax base by encouraging “cash only” employment arrangements in an attempt to avoid garnishments
  • Reduce the incentive high cost lenders have to carefully underwrite their loans, and
  • Impose a costly burden on our already underfunded court system.

Wage garnishment of this type is never a good idea, but particularly not in this time of severe financial stress for so many NC families, as well as workers trying to reenter the workforce after a period of unemployment, often at lower wages.

Please contact committee members, today!

House Judiciary Committees have been reorganized to have one Committee with several Subcommittees. Please contact all the members of the House Judiciary Subcommittee A today. They meet tomorrow morning, Wednesday, February 9th, 10am in 1327 LB to consider this bill.

  • Rep. John Blust (R), Chair, John.Blust@ncleg.net, 919-733-5781 (Raleigh office), 336-274-4658 Ext. 121, Greensboro (Guilford)
  • Rep. Martha Alexander (D), Martha.Alexander@ncleg.net, 919-733-5807 (Raleigh office), 704-558-4670, Charlotte (Mecklenburg)
  • Rep. Hugh Blackwell (R), Hugh.Blackwell@ncleg.net, 919-733-5805 (Raleigh office), 828-879-8454, Valdese (Burke)
  • Rep. James W. Crawford, Jr. (D), Jim.Crawford@ncleg.net, 919-733-5824 (Raleigh office), 252-492-0185, Oxford (Granville, Vance)
  • Rep. Leo Daughtry (R), Leo.Daughtry@ncleg.net, 919-733-5605 (Raleigh office), 919-934-7265, Smithfield (Johnston)
  • Rep. Bill Faison (D), Bill.Faison@ncleg.net, 919-715-3019 (Raleigh office), 919-606-6700, Durham (Caswell, Orange)
  • Rep. Larry D. Hall (D), Larry.Hall@ncleg.net, 919-733-5872 (Raleigh office), 919-682-8823, Durham (Durham)
  • Rep. Julia Howard (R), Julia.Howard@ncleg.net, 919-733-5904 (Raleigh office), 336-751-3538, Mocksville (Davie, Iredell)
  • Rep. Darren Jackson (D), Darren.Jackson@ncleg.net, 919-733-5974 (Raleigh office), 919 733-5974, Raleigh (Wake)
  • Rep. Ric Killian (R), Ric.Killian@ncleg.net, 919-733-5886 (Raleigh office), 919-733-5886, Raleigh (Wake)
  • Rep. Chuck McGrady (R), Chuck.McGrady@ncleg.net, 919-733-5956 (Raleigh office), 828-692-3696, Hendersonville (Henderson)
  • Rep. Grey Mills (R), Grey.Mills@ncleg.net, 919-733-5741 (Raleigh office), 704-664-0863, Mooresville (Iredell)
  • Rep. Shirley Randleman (R), Shirley.Randleman@ncleg.net, 919-733-5935 (Raleigh office), 336-921-2043, Wilkesboro (Wilkes)
  • Rep. Deborah Ross (D), Deborah.Ross@ncleg.net, 919-733-5773 (Raleigh office), 919-832-6508, Raleigh (Wake)

Give them this message:

  • HB 30 is a terrible idea for NC consumers and businesses
  • This bill will hurt struggling families at the worst possible time
  • It will also hurt NC businesses, forcing them into the role of debt collectors

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Susan Lupton at susan.lupton@responsiblelending.org or 919-313-8521 (office) or 919-698-2696 (cell).