Union Summer internship chance to change workers’ lives in N.C.

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Every year, tens of thousands of migrant workers travel to North Carolina to harvest tobacco.  A majority of the workforce is made up of migrant workers who are still denied the most basic labor rights.  Major tobacco corporations to reap huge profits at the expense of the workers who work in the tobacco fields.

Farm laborers often suffer from serious health conditions as a result of the dangerous field work and living conditions. Each year, thousands of workers suffer from Green Tobacco Sickness (GTS), which is caused by a high level of nicotine absorption through the skin. This exposure can lead to dizziness, nausea, and dehydration.  This exposure can also lead to more serious health problems such as heat stroke.

The most serious problem faced by tobacco field workers is that, without union representation, they have no voice in those conditions that impact their lives.

However, in the face of this, migrant farm workers in North Carolina are coming together for respect, dignity and a voice in their workplaces.  And they are winning!

What is Union Summer and what would a Union Summer Intern do in North Carolina?

Union Summer is a 9-week, paid ($350 per week, minus taxes) educational internship that introduces participants to the labor movement through union organizing campaigns.

Simply put, Union Summer interns in North Carolina would work with the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) to help tobacco workers in their efforts to gain respect, dignity, safe working conditions and a voice on their jobs through organizing a union.

Union Summer is for activists who want to help to build a movement for farm laborers in North Carolina and with the passion, energy, and commitment to help workers build power for themselves.  There is a critical need for bi-lingual Spanish speakers.

How to apply as a Union Summer intern

Download the Union Summer 2014 flyer.

Apply for a Union Summer internship online.

Have questions? Contact Patrick Scott at pscott@aflcio.org and/or 678-576-4836.

Grab the Union Summer 2014 flyer.

Grab the Union Summer 2014 flyer.