The Worst Reason to Vote in 2008

MP3 audio clip

National AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumka spoke the truth at the national Steelworkers convention earlier this summer, saying there’s only one bad reason to vote in this election – a candidate’s skin color.

With so much at stake for workers and working families, the American Federation of Government Employees isn’t taking anything for granted either.

Listen to the new radio ad that is now airing on stations nationwide. Read the transcript below:

“I’m a union member. My name is John Gage. I’m old enough to appreciate the union movement’s contributions to civil rights, and I’m white enough to pick up on the code words of prejudice.

“In this economic crisis, every American worker should be hopping mad. Working families have been left behind like never before. Gender bias, racism, they’re not free. They have a cost, because the real issues – Wall Street, health care, jobs, Iraq, gas prices, Social Security – have serious financial consequences for all of us.

“But I’m optimistic. As union members, as Americans, we will get beyond gender bias and racism and get down to the real issues. We built the middle class, and we’re not giving it up.

“There are a hundred good reasons for how you vote this year and only one bad reason – prejudice. Let’s talk about the real issues.” — John Gage, AFGE President