Sabra Faires, Alma Adams, and 10 other things to know about June 7th primary

Sabra Jean Faires for NC Supreme Court

The fact is that no one would be voting in this race at all if not for Sabra Jean Faires, who saw legislative Republicans’ attempt to rig the November election as the unconstitutional partisan power grab that it was and sued them – and won. We need people with that level integrity and judgment on our Supreme Court now more than ever.

Learn more about why we’re backing Sabra Jean Faires for NC Supreme Court.

Alma Adams for U.S. Congress

Rep. Alma Adams has been a stalwart defender of working people since before winning election to Congress in 2014, when she served in the state house, earning labor’s endorsement every time.

Last year, Congresswoman Adams voted against “fast-track” status for the dangerous Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Rep. Adams has since pledged to vote down the TPP when it comes up for a vote in Congress this year.

Learn more about why we’re backing Alma Adams for re-election to North Carolina’s 12th Congressional District.

Top 10 things to know about the June 7th primary

Thanks to our friends at Democracy North Carolina for this helpful list of 10 things to know before the June 7th primary, including:

(3) Early voting for the June 7th Primary is May 26-27 and May 31-June 4 in all 100 counties (a few counties also have voting May 28-29, none have early voting on Memorial Day, May 30).

(4) The statewide early voting site list is here (you early vote in the county you are registered to vote in):

(5) Same-day registration is in effect for the June 7 Primary. This means you can also register to vote or report an address change at an early voting location (but NOT on June 7).