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Statement by MaryBe McMillan on House Bill 405

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Statement by NC State AFL-CIO's MaryBe McMillan on Passage of House Bill 405

“North Carolina shouldn't treat workers trying to expose criminal activity by their employers like criminals themselves.” -- MaryBe McMillan

RALEIGH, N.C. (May 19, 2015) – The North Carolina State AFL-CIO issued the following statement by Secretary-Treasurer MaryBe McMillan on the final passage of House Bill 405, which now goes to Governor McCrory for his signature.

“North Carolina shouldn't treat workers trying to expose criminal activity by their employers like criminals themselves, but House Bill 405 comes close to doing just that. If Governor McCrory signs this misguided bill into law, employers in our state will be able to sue their workers for having exposed criminal activity on the job. Senators even rejected an amendment that would have allowed those workers to use proof their employer broke the law as a defense in court. It seems lawmakers are more interested in protecting unscrupulous employers than the health and safety of our workforce or of the public at-large. HB 405 is as extreme as it is overbroad, and we call on Gov. McCrory to veto this dangerous legislation.”


The North Carolina State AFL-CIO is the largest association of local unions and union councils in North Carolina, representing union members, fighting for good jobs, safe workplaces, workers’ rights, consumer protections, and quality public services on behalf of ALL working families.  PO Box 10805, Raleigh, NC 27605.