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Statement on LSG Sky Chef Workers at CLT Voting Today to Strike

Jeremy Sprinkle
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For Immediate Release

Statement by NC State AFL-CIO President MaryBe McMillan on LSG Sky Chef Workers at Charlotte Douglas International Airport Voting Today to Strike When Legal

"One job should be enough for people to support themselves and their family." --MaryBe McMillan, President

"The North Carolina State AFL-CIO and our affiliated unions stand in solidarity with the people who work at LSG Sky Chef to prepare meals for American Airlines at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Today those workers are voting to strike when released by the National Mediation Board. Catering workers in Charlotte are fed up because they get paid poverty-level wages while American Airlines rakes in billions of profits. The starting wage of $8.40 an hour for Charlotte’s airline catering workers is the lowest of any American Airlines hub in the nation. No one should work full-time yet still struggle to make ends meet. One job should be enough for people to support themselves and their family. Sky Chef workers in Charlotte deserve better, and the NC State AFL-CIO and workers across North Carolina will stand with them until they get better. We call on American Airlines to act now to ensure fair pay and benefits for these workers."

Contact: Jeremy Sprinkle, 336-255-2711 / [email protected]


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