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NC Labor Hustles to Get Out The Vote October 20th in Charlotte

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Advisory for October 20, 2016

Contact: Jeremy Sprinkle, [email protected], 336-255-2711; DeLane Adams, [email protected], 678-577-7587; Cesar Leyva, [email protected], 704-293-7037


As Early Voting begins in North Carolina, Labor begins to Hustle to get out the vote!

Powerful new technology to be rolled out in Charlotte on Thursday is a game-changer for turnout

(Charlotte, NC) – As early voting begins in North Carolina, Labor will be ramping up what already has been its largest electoral campaign in state history with a demonstration in Charlotte of a powerful new technology that will increase, exponentially, the ability of people working together in unions to get out the vote for Hillary Clinton, Deborah Ross, Roy Cooper, and other endorsed candidates.

When: Thursday, October 20th at 5:30pm

Where: IBEW Local 379, 1900 Cross Beam Dr., Charlotte, NC 28217

What: Union members Hustle (Text) to get out the vote in North Carolina

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) and their labor allies will launch an innovative text messaging program to elect, in particular, Deborah Ross to the US Senate. Members of CWA will send over 2.4 million personalized text message via a mobile app called Hustle popularized by the Bernie Sanders Campaign. The app allows volunteers to have hundreds of text conversations with voters in a fraction of the time possible via doors or phones. The rollout of Hustle in North Carolina is a part of a broader national effort by the CWA to elect a Democratic majority in the US Senate and to take back the House of Representatives.

“As technology workers, we understand first-hand why more people than ever rely on their smartphones for information, especially the convenience and speed of text messaging. Hustle is a game-changer that will let us engage hundreds of thousands of low-propensity voters via text to gain a turnout advantage that will help Ross, Cooper, and Clinton win tough races in North Carolina.” – Cesar Leyva, North Carolina Senior Campaign Lead, CWA

CWA is sending messages in key races across the nation. Come witness firsthand what will soon be the dominant form of political communication election seasons to come. Visuals to include volunteer mobilization and online outreach via smartphones and laptops.

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The North Carolina State AFL-CIO is the largest association of local unions and union councils in North Carolina, representing over a hundred and twenty thousand people working in unions, fighting for good jobs, safe workplaces, workers’ rights, consumer protections, and quality public services on behalf of ALL working people.  PO Box 10805, Raleigh, NC 27605.