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CWA Member Yvonne Kinston Running for Fayetteville City Council

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Yvonne Kinston Takes Her Fight for Family, Community, Love, and Justice into Race for Fayetteville City Council District 9

“I have the passion to fight for what’s right, and, as a proud union member, I know that when all of us – black, white, and brown – stand together, we can win any fight.” -- Yvonne Kinston, candidate for Fayetteville City Council District 9

[Fayetteville, NC] As part of the NC State AFL-CIO's ongoing efforts to recruit, train, and elect more union members to office, we are proud to announce that Yvonne Kinston, a member of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 3680, a union of working people in the telecom industry, filed today for Fayetteville City Council District 9. 

“I care about Family, Community, Love, and Justice,” Kinston told supporters gathered outside the Cumberland County Board of Elections this morning. “I have the passion to fight for what’s right, and, as a proud union member, I know that when all of us – black, white, and brown – stand together, we can win any fight.” 

The daughter of a military police officer in the U.S. Army, Kinston moved to Fayetteville with her family when she was eight years-old after her father finished a tour of duty in Germany and was assigned to Fort Bragg. “It was a culture shock moving from Germany,” recalled Kinston. “We had so much freedom there. We could go anywhere, and there was always something to do.”

“When we moved to Hollywood Heights, everything changed.” Kinston described a neighborhood that was unsafe, one where she and her siblings could only go so far as the top of the street and had to beat the streetlights home. “My dad had a special whistle, and everyone knew it was for us. If we were out too late, he’d come find us.”

“I was just a kid though,” said Kinston. “I wanted to walk three streets over to play Barbie dolls with some of my friends.” That prompted her father to start a neighborhood watch and bring people together to clean up the neighborhood. They organized block parties to build community, signed up neighbors to volunteer for the watch, and, working together, got the city to open a community center. Eventually, their community activism inspired her father and another neighbor to run for local office.

“I remember stuffing envelopes, working at the polls, and wearing his campaign T-shirt. I remember the night that the election results came in. It was so close, but ultimately his opponent got the most votes. I remember my dad calling to congratulate him.”

Devone Kinston never gave up on his community, however, and continued organizing until his retirement, when he took a security job overseas. The Community Watch the Kinston family and their neighbors built together still exists, “and here I am, living just one district over, following in his footsteps,” said Kinston of her candidacy in 2019.

Kinston is running on a platform of providing economic opportunity through access to quality education and good jobs that pay livable wages; strong infrastructure and economic development that opens doors for small business owners and entrepreneurs; safe and clean neighborhoods for residents and first responders; good, quality food and healthy choices; and the ability of working people in District 9 and all of Fayetteville to have their voices heard.

“I believe in democracy and in stepping up to serve the people of this district and be their true representative on the City Council,” said Kinston. “Together we can preserve our hometown feeling and strengthen relationships in our community. That’s why my campaign slogan is, ‘Our Community, Our Voice, Our Vote!’”

“I’m a tireless worker, and when I put my mind to something, I don’t stop until the job is done and done right.”

Contact: Jeremy Sprinkle, 336-255-2711 / [email protected] 


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