One-Stop Early Voting and Registration Has Begun


One-Stop polls open until Nov. 1

From now until Saturday, November 1, you can register to vote and cast your ballot to Turn Around America at one-stop voting locations across North Carolina.

The State Board of Elections has produced a complete list of One-Stop early voting locations in every county.

Click here to download the list as a PDF.

Same-day registration

For the first time ever in a presidential election, North Carolinians can register to vote and vote at the same time. Same-day registration is only available during early voting.

Here’s what you need to know to register at One-Stop voting sites:

  1. Go to a One-Stop early voting site
  2. Fill out a voter registration card
  3. Present a proof of ID

Appropriate ID includes a N.C. driver’s license, utility bill, government issued document with name and address (ex. passport, military ID), student ID with name and address, a bank statement or bank-issued credit card statement.