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Workers Rally for Employee Free Choice Act

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Chamber of Commerce Members Rally for Greed

On Tuesday, August 19, over 150 union members and supporters converged on Hickory, NC to tell the truth about the Employee Free Choice Act.

Visit our photostream for pictures of the event. Did you take pictures? Send them to us.

The legislation would reform America’s broken union election system. It has passed the US House of Representatives earlier this year but stalled in the Senate due to a filibuster.

Several workers spoke in a roundtable discussion about the Employee Free Choice Act and the importance of unions, especially during tough economic times.

“A union card is the best opportunity for workers to get ahead and join the middle class,“ said Jim Davis, an Embarq employee, and President of CWA Local 3672 in Hickory.

“It's a shame that now - when workers need help the most - that some CEOs and politicians don’t support workers’ freedom to bargain for better wages and benefits.” --Jim Davis

Small business owner Jim Logan of American Income Life in Charlotte spoke in favor of the Employee Free Choice Act:

"I can't think of one good reason to oppose a union. Collective bargaining agreement benefits a highly trained and productive team. I can solve problems collectively, rather than dealing with everyone individually. It's never hampered my business or ability to make a profit." --Jim Logan

North Carolina workers are standing up for their rights. Now it’s time for Congress and the President to stand with them.

“For too long, workers who wanted union representation have been threatened for exercising their rights. The Employee Free Choice Act takes that power away from corporate America and lets workers freely choose whether and how they want to form a union.” --MaryBe McMillan

Birthday cake

The Hickory Daily Record covered our event and the Chamber's "Business vs. Labor" event. Channel 9 in Charlotte also interviewed UAW Local 5285 President Bob Riggins, who was part of a large group that stopped by the anti-union event before joining ours.

AFL-CIO Now, the national AFL-CIO's blog also wrote a story about our event.

By electing a worker-friendly president and a worker-friendly, filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, we can ensure fairness for all American workers.

Sen. Barack Obama is a co-sponsor of the Employee Free Choice Act in the Senate, while his Republican opponent for president, John McCain, opposes the bill.