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Without a functioning NLRB, this worker lost everything

Jeremy Sprinkle
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It's un-American what happened to Marcus Hedger

We need a functioning National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Without it, people like Marcus Hedger, a former pressman, are getting hurt, losing their homes and the American Dream.

Marcus was fired for organizing, but because the NLRB cannot function without board members, he has lost his home and essentially his life waiting for justice from his employer.

That's wrong. President Obama has nominated a bipartisan slate of new nominees to the NLRB, but it is up to the U.S. Senate to confirm those nominations.

Our Senators need to get to work for working people!

Text NLRB to 235246 and ask the Senate to confirm the board nominations now!

Or call 888-264-6154 and ask to be connected to Senator Kay Hagan, then call back and ask to speak with Senator Richard Burr.

Urge your senators to confirm the full bipartisan package to the NLRB as soon as possible. They need to hear from you so they understand the importance of protecting workers’ rights!


Download the NLRB flyer