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Why do the Koch brothers want to end public education?

Jeremy Sprinkle
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New film from Brave New Films asks the question

Our friends at Brave New Films ( have produced a new film about an issue that hits close to home here in North Carolina - the effort to return Wake County Schools to the era of racial and economic segregation. This effort has been funded by local right-wing sugar daddy, Art Pope, with an assist from the infamous Koch Brothers and their corporate front-group, Americans for the Prosperous Prosperity.

Click here to watch the video:

Their efforts began in North Carolina where, using the same language as Gov. George Wallace in the 60s, Koch-supported school board members attempted to make “segregation always” a policy for tens of thousands of families.

Watch the video, then take action. Call David Koch at his Manhattan office at 212-319-1100 and tell him to "stop funding school resegregation now."

We can’t let the Koch brothers ruin an equal opportunity for all. We've partnered with the Advancement Project, People for the American Way, Center for Social Inclusion and African American Ministers in Action to take action and spread this important investigation around.

Click here to learn more this project and others from the folks at Brave New Films.