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Who's Looking Out for Your Rights?

Jeremy Sprinkle
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It's not big business

Fred Erwin is a professional firefighter for the City of Greensboro, Local 947. If you're a worker trying to decide who to vote for in 2010, Fred has one question for you: "Who's looking out for your rights?"

Watch the video:

"It is true: for big businesses, their bottom line is profit. Don't be misguided into believing that their job is to be taking care of working class folks. Their bottom line is profit, and if profit means losing your job and losing your benefits then that's what's gonna happen to you."

Big business is looking out for itself in this election. The so-called "U.S." Chamber of Commerce is using money from foreign corporations to pay for over $75 million on partisan attack ads - almost exclusively to benefit Republican candidates. The Chamber fought Wall Street reform, health reform, equal pay for equal work, and every effort to create a new green jobs economy. Instead of using its considerable power to improve the lives of working families,  the Chamber fights to protect tax breaks for corporations that send jobs overseas and to amend U.S. law to make it easier for corporations engage in corrupt practices.

So if big business isn't looking out for working people, who is - and who should working people listen to in this election?

"It's the union that will fight for you, day-in and day-out. It's the unions that are gonna make sure your rights are protected under the law. So if you're in the thought process of believing that businesses are out there to protect you, you're sadly mistaken."