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What's your shutdown story?

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Speaking out against the shutdown

Extremist Republicans in Congress are playing games with our lives. The government is shut down, and it affects all of us. Share your story with us - we need to make sure the GOP understands who is hurt every day this shutdown continues.

Whether you're a locked-out federal worker or you're just frustrated members of the U.S. House can't do the one job they're paid to do, we want to hear from you.

Proving that the shutdown has made strange bedfellows, the AFL-CIO, United Way Worldwide, and U.S. Chamber of Commerce today sent a joint letter to leaders in Washington urging them to end the government shutdown and threat of a default on U.S. debt.

"While we may disagree on federal policies and we even have conflicting views about many issues, we are in complete agreement that the current shutdown is harmful and the risk of default is potentially catastrophic for our fragile economy."

Read the joint AFL-CIO, U.S. Chamber, and United Way letter on shutdown.

Now you can write your own letter to Congress by way of your local newspaper!

"We all know that our Congressional representatives read the newspaper," say our friends at the North Carolina Justice Center," so now is the time to take action and write a letter to the editor to your local paper that tells Congress to take the responsible path for our state and country."

Click here to write your letter to the editor about the shutdown using NCJC's easy online tool, complete with talking points and easy-to-follow, click-to-submit instructions.

Sample of press clips about the shutdown

Organizing for Action and Progress North Carolina have joined the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), the state AFL-CIO and others to hold different pickets and protests against the federal government shutdown.

See some photos from the AFGE and OFA protest in Raleigh.

The latest action came on Thursday when a few dozen supporters of locked-out federal workers and the Affordable Care Act turned out on a rainy day in Raleigh to rally and march to the Federal Building in protest of the shutdown and lockout.

Watch ABC 11 News coverage of the Raleigh protest:

Other press clips: