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What's at stake in the 2012 election?

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Progressive vs. Regressive America

In this short video, Robert Reich lays out what's at stake in the 2012 Presidential Election. It's progressives versus regressives, and the regressives have a 4-part plan to sabotage America that we cannot allow to prevail:

  1. Make the wealthy wealthier
  2. Turn Americans against each other (non-union v. union, middle-class v. poor, etc.)
  3. Deflect attention from Wall Street by focusing on private morality instead of public morality.
  4. Treat corporations as people and make money the equivalent of speech

Click to watch the video:

"You and I are determined to take this country forward. And together we will.

"So much is at stake this election year. Everything we've achieved as a society. Everything we want to achieve in the future. We must not allow the regressives to take us backward.

"The story of America is progressive."