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Together: What We Accomplished in 2017

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Read our 2017 Annual Report

In 2017, we celebrated 60 years of the NC State AFL-CIO. It was a pivotal moment to reflect on lessons of the past and plan for the future.

Thanks to the support of our affiliates and our allies, we have much to celebrate about 2017.

At our convention, we bid farewell to our long-time leader, James Andrews, and elected new leadership for the future, including our first female president, MaryBe McMillan, and an Executive Board with 11 new members.

During Labor 2017, we won labor-endorsed majorities on city councils in all of our state’s largest cities, and we elected one of our own, Braxton Winston, member of IATSE 322, to Charlotte City Council.

For all the highlights from our 60th Annual Convention, Labor 2017, our support for affiliates, and how North Carolina's labor federation continued raising the bar, read our 2017 Annual Report.

Download our 2017 Annual Report (PDF)