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What could $336 million loophole buy?

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Insane revenue cut will cost N.C.

Even as our out-of-control state legislature enacted devastating cuts to public education, environmental regulation, the Teaching Fellows program, drug courts, election funding, preventative women's health care, and denying compensation to victims of North Carolina's ghastly eugenics program, Republican lawmakers rammed through a huge new tax loophole for businesses amounting to $336 million in revenue lost to North Carolina each year!

What would $336 million in lost revenue have bought for the people of North Carolina? Our friends at the NC Justice Center came up with an info graphic that offers some ideas.

What the $336 million loophole could have covered for the people of NC

Imagine how else our legislature could have spent $336 million.

Budgets are choices. In this case, our out-of-control legislature chose greed instead of funding North Carolina's future. That's a damn shame. Sign a petition against the so-called "compromise" budget which will only compromise North Carolina's future.