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Western NC Rally to Save American Dream

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Thanks from Western CLC President Mark Case:

Thanks for everyone attending the Asheville Rally! It was a mix of all of our community, all standing up for working men and women. We were one in this show of support for workers under attack in Wisconsin and everywhere else.

It was a great event, and all speakers spoke about the need and accomplishment of the Unions. Larry [Sorrells], thanks for bringing and flying the flag, and Brian [Ball] for bringing the 200 teamster signs saying stop the war on Workers. Everyone was holding up these signs in support of the Union!

I do think WNC made a difference, and it was nice to see our community out in support of the Union!

Click here to read Mark's speech given at the rally. Here's an excerpt:

Why should we care what happens in Wisconsin?  Because, it is a tumor of greed, wealth, power, and fog of misconceptions that will spread across this land!  What the workers in Wisconsin are fighting for is an American Cause!  An assault on Unions anywhere is an assault on working families everywhere! The battle in Wisconsin is only the beginning!  Corporate backed politicians taking away the rights to middle class jobs, taking away the rights of workers to colectively bargain with their employer, the right to a collective and effective voice.  The right to collectively bargain for fair pay and safe working conditions!

Click here to read coverage of the Asheville rally in the Asheville Citizen-Times.

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