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Western NC CLC Delivers Support for Occupy Asheville

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Spirit of solidarity soars in our mountains

Union members in the Western North Carolina Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, get it: the jobs crisis in our state and nation is the result of greed on Wall Street and corporate corruption of our government. That's the core message of Occupy Wall Street, and it's the reason we stand in solidarity with the protesters. We are like them. They are like us. Together, we are the 99 percent.

The Occupy movement has spread far from the financial district in lower Manhattan to Asheville, NC where the CLC is answering the call of AFL-CIO president, Rich Trumka, to open our hearts and minds and support this movement in the spirit of solidarity.

"They are doing what all of us wish people, our children would do - become involved," CLC president Mark Case told the City Council in support of Occupy Asheville's bid for space for an encampment, which was granted on Lexington Avenue. Since then, the unions of the CLC have provided three portable toilets for the camp and are working to secure electricity.

To find out how you can help support Occupy Asheville, contact Mark Case at the WNC-CLC by email to [email protected].

Visit the Western NC CLC online at