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Voter ID public hearings coming across NC

Jeremy Sprinkle
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The next place to defend your right to vote is near where you live

The State Board of Elections is holding 9 public hearings across the state to hear your comments about a fuzzy part of the new photo ID law. The law says the ID must “reasonably resemble” the voter. But what does that mean?

To clear up any confusion, the State Board of Elections has written preliminary rules that tell precinct officials how to decide if the ID “reasonably resembles” the voter.

Unfortunately, some anti-voter groups want to make those rules so strict that they would disenfranchise a lot of people — as the rules have done in Texas and other states.

For example, a voter named “Mary Brown” on the registration rolls who has a driver's license saying “Mary Brown Smith” could be rejected. Or Freddy Davis with an ID saying Frederick J. Davis could be rejected.

We can't let that happen. We must show up at these public hearings and insist that the rules protect the voter's right to vote.

Please look at the list of locations below and sign up to attend a hearing near you — and also please sign up to speak.

Click here for a link to a summary of key rules and ideas for what you might say. We'll send you more details when you sign up.

Even if you don't speak, attending one of the hearings would show support for others who do. The ID law is bad enough — we can't let it hurt more voters by how it is implemented.

Please sign up NOW.

Voter ID Hearing Schedule

Source: Democracy NC Email Alert