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Video: Tillis says Right-to-Work (for Less) will be on ballot

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Republican leader proves himself no friend of workers

Last Fall we warned you about remarks by Thom Tillis, NC Speaker of the House, to State Government Radio that he would make sure an amendment enshrining North Carolina's Right-to-Work (for Less) status in our state constitution will appear on the ballot November 6:

State law already prevents companies from requiring workers to join a union as a condition of employment. But Tillis, R-Mecklenburg, said adding those protections to the constitution would send an important message to the business community.

We think this election is very much going to pit labor interests against business interests and we feel like getting something in the constitution that makes it easier for us to assert that right – should the federal government try to strip us of it – is a good thing.”

Now there's video of Thom Tillis promising a Right-to-Work (for Less) amendment to a group of conservative supporters at a stop in Madison County on his Divide & Conquer town hall tour back in October. Click here to watch Tillis' Right-to-Work promise:

At a different town hall in Belmont, NC earlier this year, Thom Tillis told a union worker he'll never change his views on collective bargaining.

Remember in November

As Martin Luther King, Jr. told reporters, "Right-to-Work provides no 'rights' and no 'work'. Its purpose is to destroy labor unions and the freedom of collective bargaining." Unions increase the wages and political power of all workers – not just union members. Right-to-Work means less political clout to fight corporate greed and lower wages for all workers. Right-to-Work (for less) doesn’t guarantee any rights. In fact, by weakening unions and collective bargaining, it destroys the best job security protection: the union contract. If you and your co-workers can have a contract with your employer and a union to enforce that contract, you have the power to hold the worst abuses of CEO's and the 1% in check. Anything Thom Tillis and others in our out-of-control state legislature can do to deprive you of that power suits them just fine. Remember that when you go to vote in November.