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US Marine, Iraq War vet: Vote Deborah Ross for US Senate

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Will Fischer, Union Veterans Council

Will Fischer - the Iraq War veteran, U.S. Marine, and Executive Director of the Union Veterans Council who has been a fierce critic of Donald Trump and supporter of Hillary Clinton - came to North Carolina to help get out the vote for our endorsed candidates.

Before hitting the streets to knock on doors, Will took a minute to record a short video message about working people's endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Deborah Ross for his fellow veterans in North Carolina:

"It'll be Deborah Ross as a United States Senator who will work to expand veterans job training benefits, expand veterans education benefits, and unlike Richard Burr, Deborah Ross will never, ever allow our V.A. to be destroyed and privatized.

"Deborah Ross also fundamentally understands that what the more than 775,000 veterans of North Carolina need more than anything when returning home is not another standing ovation at a Panthers game. It's not another yellow ribbon on the back of a car. What a veteran needs access to more than anything is a good job - a good job that allows a veteran to live out a life of dignity and live out the American Dream we fought to protect and defend."

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