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URGENT: Contact Your State Senator Today about Campaign Finance Reform

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Don’t Let Corporate Money Control the Labor Commissioner’s Race

We are extremely disappointed that the Senate Judiciary Committee voted this week to amend House Bill 961 by gutting it of all language relating to campaign finance reform.

HB 961 would have expanded public financing to several Council of State races, including the one for labor commissioner. The money to pay for the campaigns would have been raised by imposing relatively modest new fees on the businesses and firms regulated by the elected offices involved - attorney general, state treasurer, agriculture commissioner, labor commissioner and secretary of state.

Call or email senators on the Judiciary Committee before Tuesday and tell them you want public financing for Council of State races and you want it before they adjourn for the year - not later, not next year, but NOW. Let them know this is an issue that you will remember when you vote in November.

This is about whether we can have a state council of elected officials controlled by multi-national corporations and the businesses they are supposed to regulate or have a government of, by, and for the people.