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Urgent Action Needed on State Budget

Jeremy Sprinkle
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(Graphic) Together NC logoTAKE ACTION: It's time to come together around the state budget

Together NC is a coalition of organizations – including the NC State AFL-CIO and the NC Justice Center – committed to promoting wise policy choices for shared prosperity.

Together, we have worked hard to push state legislators to adopt a budget that isn't balanced only on those who provide and receive essential government services, like public education. Now we need your help. Send a message to Governor Perdue and your state legislators.

The failure of the General Assembly to agree to a budget that includes a new revenue package is an opportunity for us to push proposals that raise sufficient revenues and do it in a progressive way:

Despite weeks of negotiations, legislators have failed to reach a compromise on a revenue package. Fortunately, we don't need to start from scratch. The Governor and legislators have all put forward proposals that raise sufficient revenues and do it in a fair way, and that's progress. Now it's time for the Governor and House and Senate leaders to cooperate to pass a budget with revenue solutions that will make corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share and will lead to a more stable tax system.

Our state leaders must take a balanced approach to the current budget shortfall, and that means raising revenues. A balanced approach that includes strategic tax increases along with judicious cuts is the best way to protect working families and avoid prolonging the recession. Closing North Carolina's budget gap with cuts alone will devastate children, families and communities across the state.

Now, during this critical time in our state's history, our elected officials must show courage and leadership by coming together and agreeing on a budget with sufficient new revenues so we can maintain our past investments in North Carolina's families and communities.

What can you do to help? Your legislators need to hear from you today. Email your legislators and tell them to say "NO" to devastating budget cuts and "YES" to raising new revenue. Then, forward this alert to your friends and family and encourage them to do the same.

If we pull together, we can get through this budget crisis. Let's get to work!

Join us in supporting the work of the NC Justice Center and Together NC by fighting for a budget that protects what works in North Carolina and corrects our broken revenue system. Send a message today!