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The Union Edge Comes to Western N.C. Radio

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Listen Mondays, WPVM FM 103.5 in Asheville NC

Get your union news on the radio! The Working Family Radio Network (WFRN) program, The Union Edge, has been picked up by WPVM-FM 103.5 in Asheville, NC. Broadcasts of The Union Edge will begin on Monday (1/31) and continue Mondays thereafter at 9 AM.

Charles ShowalterThe Union Edge talk radio show is hosted by nationally recognized labor advocate and lobbyist, Charles Showalter (pictured at right). After active military service, Charles joined AFGE while working for the Department of Defense, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and then the Department of Homeland Security. Charles successfully took on the Bush administration attempts to break federal unions, contract out federal employee jobs, deny federal law enforcement officer of congressionally mandated benefits.

First show will include interview w/ MaryBe McMillan

NC State AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer, MaryBe McMillan, will be the special guest on The Union Edge for its inaugural broadcast in Asheville on Monday. She will sit down with Charles for a 30-minute interview.

Be sure to tune in at 9 AM on Monday to 103.5 FM, the Mountain Area Information Network ( to hear The Union Edge.