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UNC-TV Airs Extensive Story on Free Choice Act

Jeremy Sprinkle
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(Picture) Employee Free Choice ActWATCH: Legislative Week in Review (2/20)

North Carolina PBS station UNC-TV ran an extensive story on the Employee Free Choice Act during the Feb. 20, 2009 edition of Legislative Week in Review. The piece includes coverage of anti-union events held in Raleigh last week, as well as our press conference held in response.

Cutting through all the lies and red herrings about the Employee Free Choice Act, MaryBe McMillan exposed the true motives of employer front groups organized against the Act:

"Don't be fooled by empty rhetoric about fairness and democracy. Corporations have called the shots for too long, and they want to keep it that way."

The Employee Free Choice Act will prevent employers from deciding for their employees how and when they get to form a union.

You can watch the show online at the UNC-TV web site. The segment on the Employee Free Choice Act begins at the 8:00 minute mark.