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UFCW campaign at Mountaire Farms making news

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Unions aren't giving up on the South

Read how members of UFCW Local 1208 are bringing hope to their neighbors in rural North Carolina, the featured news story in a recent issue of the Triangle alt-weekly publication, Indy Week:

Outside the Mountaire factory gates, I meet a woman named Delcia Rodriguez. A 23-year-old UFCW organizer from the Dominican Republic, Rodriguez worked at the Mountaire plant until 2011, when, she says, she was hit in the stomach by a large bucket used to haul meat and had a miscarriage in the plant. A doctor told her that she needed to take time off to rest. When she brought the doctor's note to Mountaire's Human Resources department, she says she was ordered to turn in her ID and fired.

"The supervisors treat the people, especially the non-English people, like animals," Rodriguez said. "They don't care if you get hurt."

Six months later, Rodriguez got a job at the unionized Smithfield plant. "I love the union. The union is the best thing that has happened in my life." [emphasis added]

Read the Indy Week article "The fight to unionize the South brews at an N.C. slaughterhouse", then share it with your friends.

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"What happens here in the South affects the nation." -- MaryBe McMillan

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