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Trisha Pande Appointed New General Counsel of NC AFL-CIO

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Members of the North Carolina State AFL-CIO Executive Board voted unanimously at the June 4, 2021 meeting to appoint Trisha Pande as the new General Counsel of our state labor federation.

Trisha Pande is an attorney at Patterson Harkavy LLP and based in Chapel Hill, NC. She is dedicated to fighting for workers’ rights and primarily represents employees and labor unions.

Before joining Patterson Harkavy, Trisha was Assistant General Counsel at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in Washington, DC. While at SEIU, Trisha represented workers and local unions before the National Labor Relations Board and state labor relations agencies across the country. Trisha regularly speaks on topics regarding labor unions, employment rights, and alternative strategies to advancing workers’ rights in the modern economy. She has presented for the American Bar Association, the North Carolina Bar Association, the AFL-CIO Union Lawyers Alliance, and the North Carolina Advocates for Justice.

Trisha graduated from Brown University and the George Washington University Law School with honors. She received the National Association of Women Lawyers Outstanding Law Graduate Award in recognition of her contributions to the advancement of women in society and in the legal profession.

Trisha is succeeding Mike Okun, who had been General Counsel since 1983. Mike's taught at Labor School for at least 40 years. He served as Secretary-Treasurer for 4 years. And he’s answered countless phone calls and counseled locals on hundreds of matters.

"While we will really miss Mike, I am excited that we have Trisha working with us," said NC State AFL-CIO president MaryBe McMillan. "Trisha knows her stuff, can relate complicated issues in a down to earth, often humorous way, and she is passionate about unions and the labor movement. Mike is definitely leaving us in good hands."

Leaders of NC AFL-CIO affiliates can contact Trisha Pande at [email protected].