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A Tribute to James Andrews, President Emeritus

Jeremy Sprinkle
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James Andrews retired September 15, 2017 after 20 years as President

In honor of now President Emeritus James Andrews, who retired at our 60th Annual Convention last month from a career in the labor movement that spanned four decades, we interviewed some of his friends and colleagues for this video tribute, which was first screened at our 60th Annual Convention, Sept. 15, 2017. May the sun always shine and the fish always bite in his long and happy retirement!

Interviewed (in no particular order):
Tefere Gebre, Executive VP, AFL-CIO
Clayola Brown, President, A. Philip Randolph Institute
Baldemar Velasquez, President, Farm Labor Organizing Committee
J David Cox Sr., President, American Federation of Government Employees
Maggie Priebe Koebbe, Deputy Director, Working America
Mike Cavanaugh, Special Assistant to the Executive VP, AFL-CIO
Barbara Mckoy, Commissioner, Harnett County
Rick Glazier, Executive Director, NC Justice Center
Mike Okun, General Counsel, NC State AFL-CIO
MaryBe McMillan, President, NC State AFL-CIO

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