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Track Meet: Great New Video for Public Option

Jeremy Sprinkle
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From our health care reform allies at

Heather Graham stars as the Public Option in this funny ad, showing how she'll force the lazy, bloated private insurance companies to get back in the game and compete. After all, competition is as American as apple pie. Actor Peter Coyote narrates.

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Here's the transcript:

Insurance companies have gotten lazy, bloated from the profits of raising our health care costs sky high while the health care crisis keeps getting worse and worse.

The Public Option is the key to quality, affordable health care coverage for Americans, and over 70% of Americans want the public option.

Some in Washington say this is unfair competition, but competition is as American as apple pie.

Call 202-224-3121 and tell Congress we need a public health insurance option, now.

You can call the Congress toll-free instead by using this number: 1-877-3-AFL-CIO (1-877-323-5246).