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Town of Chapel Hill comes out against TPP

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Chapel Hill adopts resolution asking Rep. David Price, Sens. Tillis and Burr to reject TPP

The Town of Chapel Hill adopted a resolution at its April 27 council meeting calling on area Congressman David Price and Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis "to reject any trade agreements" like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that would expand so-called "investor-state dispute settlements" (ISDS) and "undermine the ability of governments to enact laws to protect human rights, labor and environmental standards."

Call Rep. David Price at 1-855-712-8441 to ask him to reject Fast-Track and the TPP!

"TPP is not just a global trade treaty," says Chapel Hill resident Miriam Thompson in her recent letter to the editor of the Chapel Hill News:

"It threatens to diminish the power of our nation and local municipalities like Chapel Hill to protect our environment and commitment to livable wages for our residents. It will allow corporations to, sue for cash damages (our tax dollars will pay) over alleged violations of their rights, and own the tribunals that will hear their cases. TPP has been cast as “NAFTA on steroids,” opposed by growing numbers of labor, trade, global health and environmental advocates. Finally, our Congress members have not even read the treaty negotiated in secret as they are being asked to give an up or down vote.

So as we cherish our town, its history, its efforts to secure a decent place to live for our families, children, grandchildren, and neighbors, let's let our Congress members hear our voice in opposition to this treaty war against our communities." -- Miriam Thompson, 4/17/2015

Ms. Thompson is referring to ISDS, a form of legalized corporate extortion created by NAFTA that TPP would expand to corporations operating in 11 Pacific Rim nations that alone account for 40% of global GDP - with China sure to follow.

ISDS gives these corporations the power to sue governments - from small towns like Chapel Hill or Salisbury, NC to the states and federal government - over anything they claim hurts their expected future profits and to seek damages paid for by taxpayers in extrajudicial "courts" staffed by corporate lawyers and accountable to no legitimate court, not even the Supreme Court.

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