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Thank Hagan for Employee Free Choice Support

Jeremy Sprinkle
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(Picture) Employee Free Choice ActSPEAK UP: Let Sen. Hagan know we've got her back

Last week we held a press conference at the NC Justice Center to respond to anti-worker events held in Raleigh and Greensboro. Opponents of the Employee Free Choice Act are calling Senator Kay Hagan, urging her to break her pledge to vote for passage when the bill comes before the U.S. Senate.

Sen. Hagan, who won election despite a multi-million dollar ad campaign against her by opponents of the Employee Free Choice Act, has refused and recently reaffirmed her support for the Act, which she said would simply level the playing field for workers trying to form a union.

Sen. Hagan has it right, and we need to thank her for seeing through the lies and misinformation being spread about the Employee Free Choice Act.

Click here to send Kay Hagan your thanks.