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Tell Governor McCrory to protect workers from lawsuits!

Jeremy Sprinkle
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House Bill 405 would allow employers to sue workers for exposing criminal activity

Governor McCrory is deciding NOW whether to sign House Bill 405, the Property Protection Act, into law. The bill discourages whistleblowers in the workplace by allowing companies to sue employees for up to $5,000 a day for taking pictures or video – even if the worker was documenting the company’s illegal activity.

Contact the Governor today and ask him to veto this harmful bill!

"North Carolina shouldn't treat workers trying to expose criminal activity by their employers like criminals themselves, but House Bill 405 comes close to doing just that," said Secretary-Treasurer MaryBe McMillan in a statement on the final passage of House Bill 405.

"If Governor McCrory signs this misguided bill into law, employers in our state will be able to sue their workers for having exposed criminal activity on the job. Senators even rejected an amendment that would have allowed those workers to use proof their employer broke the law as a defense in court. It seems lawmakers are more interested in protecting unscrupulous employers than the health and safety of our workforce or of the public at-large. HB 405 is as extreme as it is overbroad, and we call on Gov. McCrory to veto this dangerous legislation." -- MaryBe McMillan, 5/19/15

HB 405 harms workers. It also hurts consumers by making it harder to expose unsafe food handling practices, and nearly three-quarters of North Carolinians oppose the bill’s efforts to limit undercover investigations of animal abuse.

Sign this urgent petition to Gov. McCrory calling on him to protect workers from lawsuits by vengeful criminal employers by vetoing this extreme, overbroad, and dangerous legislation.