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Tell Art Pope: Stop Drowning Democracy in Corporate Cash!

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Cut the strings of corporate control over N.C. politics

Help our friends at Democracy NC by sending a message to North Carolina conservatives' corporate sugar daddy, Art Pope, to "Stop the flood of corporate money in politics." 

Democracy NC helped The New Yorker magazine expose how Pope uses his corporation to buy conservative politicians "who, like his puppets, serve the interests of the 1% but hurt the rest of us, the 99%":

Art Pope uses his corporation as a political money machine. He is North Carolina’s top political donor. His business, Variety Wholesalers (which owns Roses, Maxway and other discount stores), funds groups that spend millions to elect ultra-conservative politicians. Once elected, they push Pope's anti-government agenda like his puppets: cut taxes for the wealthy, cut services for the rest of us, suppress voting rights, and gut environmental, workplace, and consumer protections.

Elections across the nation are being distorted by corporate cash given with strings attached. The US Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United decision said that corporations have a Free Speech right to spend unlimited money interfering in political campaigns. That's absurd and Art Pope’s Roses/Maxway business is the worst example here in North Carolina.

Sign this petition, and tell Art Pope to "Stop the flood of corporate money in politics."