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Tax Credit for Working Families Under Attack

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Take action to protect critical tax policy

The state EITC is under attack and we need your help to protect this important policy for North Carolina's working families. Click here to take action!

House Bill 93 would eliminate the refundable nature of the state EITC. Refundability is essential to ensuring that the state EITC targets those most in need. It also offsets the greater share of total taxes these families pay as compared to those with higher income.

Contact members of the House Finance Committee FRIDAY AND OVER THE WEEKEND. Urge them to oppose House Bill 93.

  • This bill will hurt low-income working families when they are struggling to get by in this tough economy.
  • 12  percent of non-elderly households in North Carolina will experience a tax increase as a result.
  • This will remove $52 million from local economies at a time when consumer spending is critical to job creation and economic recovery. (Click here for county-specific information to include in your email.)

WE NEED YOUR HELP!Take Action Today to protect North Carolina's struggling working families.