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#TalkUnion on #MayDay and every day

Jeremy Sprinkle
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It's time to take back the word "union"

Tell us why you need a union on your side! Tweet, Facebook, and Instagram your reason using #TalkUnion. Include a selfie, and your story could be featured on our blog and on Facebook!

We're doing this because talking about unions is, frankly, a discussion more people need to have.

Unions are the best anti-poverty program around. Unions are also a key that, for workers, opens doors to power in public policy.

So we want to know – as a worker – why do you need a union on your side?

As advocates for workers, democracy, equality, public education, and socioeconomic or environmental justice – why does the world need more workers with unions on their side?

Tell us. Tell the world!

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By MaryBe McMillan


It's time to take back the word
So the benefits of unions are heard

Don't let the bosses define unions as bad
Not when unions are the best thing workers ever had

Unions create shared prosperity
But people saying so is such a rarity

If you support workers' right to organize,
It's something you should proudly verbalize

Tell your neighbors and your friends
So that everyone comprehends

Unions benefit us all
And without them, living standards fall.

All around us now income disparity
What we need is worker solidarity

Strength in numbers, a collective voice
That's what workers get when they have free choice

So say it loudly
And say it proudly

The answer to working harder for less
Is and always will be: UNION YES!


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