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Talking TPP on NC Public Radio

Jeremy Sprinkle
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MaryBe McMillan: TPP epitomizes corporate greed, failed policies of the past

On Wednesday, MaryBe McMillan was Frank Stasio's guest on "The State of Things", a program on North Carolina Public Radio, WUNC, to talk about a disastrous new trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Listen to that interview here:

"NAFTA on steroids" is how Global Trade Watch director Lori Wallach describes the TPP. That should worry any North Carolinian who has seen furniture and textile plants close shop in the years since NAFTA, when the United States lost 1 in 4 manufacturing jobs with more than 375,000 losses in North Carolina alone.

When factories close, it's not just the factory workers who lose their jobs. It's the small businesses who depend on those workers having jobs. It's the people who depend on those small businesses, too.

From what we've seen so far in leaked text from TPP negotiations "epitomizes the corporate greed and failed policies that created this recession and exploded inequality," said MaryBe.

"How low are we gonna go in this race to the bottom before we realize workers are consumers and taxpayers?" -- MaryBe McMillan, 10/16/2013

According to the watchdogs at Public Citizen, in addition to making it easier than ever for corporations to offshore millions of American jobs, the TPP would:

You are not powerless to stop this from happening!

First, call 919-859-5999 and tell U.S. Representative David Price to “Just say ‘NO’ to fast tracking the TPP!”

Second, help expose the TPP at

Third, share MaryBe's interview on Facebook.