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Take Action to Support Federal Workers

Jeremy Sprinkle
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America's deficit has nothing to do with federal workers...

...It has nothing to do with spending too much money on veterans' health care, protecting our communities, air, food and water or a host of other critical services.

America's deficit problem is about the lack of good jobs and stagnant wages. Freezing federal pay and spending and cutting pensions, health care benefits, and jobs isn't the cure... it's a curse. It's a package of outrageous attacks that fuels an economic race to the bottom.

Sign this petition to urge Congress and the President to stop destroying good jobs and develop a real plan for economic recovery.

At the AFGE Legislative Conference on February 8th, hundreds of AFGE members will walk the halls of Congress to personally deliver petitions calling for a real plan to get America back to work. This show of strength can make the difference – but we need everyone to sign on.

Can we count on you to sign today?

Slashing programs, wages, jobs, and benefits during a deep recession hurts those who can least afford it at the worst possible time. Congress has the power to create jobs, instead of cutting them, but they need to hear from as many of us as possible, as soon as possible.

Please, take just a couple minutes to sign the petition – we need thousands of signatures before February 6th.