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Support the Nabisco/Mondelez Shareholder Showdown May 17th

Jeremy Sprinkle
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You don't have to go to Illinois to show your solidarity

Last year, Nabisco/Mondelēz' Board of Directors and CEO Irene Rosenfeld - who gets paid $8,029 per hour, by the way - eliminated 600 good, middle-class jobs in Chicago to outsource Nabisco production to Mexico and exploit working families for $1 per hour.

Since then, workers, students and community allies have come together from around the country and around the world to fight Nabisco/Mondelēz' destructive, greedy business model.

Here’s how you can join us May 17th to fight for American jobs and confront this corporation as they hold their annual Shareholders Meeting! Welcome to the Nabisco Shareholder Showdown!

Share messages of support by going to this link:

Hit one of the "Support" buttons and post/tweet the hashtag #NabiscoShareholderShowdown.

Follow the Nabisco 600 on Facebook and Twitter.

Oreos: Greed Over Good

Nabisco/Mondelēz paid CEO Irene Rosenfeld $16.7 million in 2016, has a $35 million pension, and a $50 million "golden parachute" if anything goes wrong. (source)

LaDonna and Michael are just two of the 600 American workers who made Oreos for Nabisco until Nabisco/Mondalēz outsourced their jobs to Mexico because of corporate greed.

Watch and share their story:

Here's how you can boycott Nabisco products made in Mexico

Check the label before you buy any Nabisco products, and don't buy Oreos, Ritz, or any other products that Nabisco makes in Mexico! If you find a Mexican-made Nabisco product, take it to the grocery store manager and tell them to only stock Nabisco products made in the USA!

Any package made in the USA will say "Distributed by Mondelez, International East Hanover, NJ" all others should have "made in Mexico", BUT there is another way to tell!

If you see the letters "MM" or "MS" in the stamped code on the package that also includes the expiration date - usually found on the end of the package you open - it means it was made at the Mexico Salinas (MS) or Mexico Monterrey (MM) plant.

Download the flyer and boycott Nabisco products made in Mexico (PDF)

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