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Support Farmworkers Battle w/Reynolds

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Tell Betsy Atkins to resign in protest

Our fellow union members at the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC, AFL-CIO) need our support in their campaign to get Reynolds American to do right by the tobacco workers who harvest the golden leaf.

Betsy Atkins is a board member at Reynolds, but despite her encouragement, Reynolds CEO, Susan Ivey, still refuses any dialogue with FLOC about the terrible conditions under which tobacco harvesters labor.

Atkins also sits on the board of Chico's, a woman's clothing retailer committed to ethical sourcing. We believe Atkins commitment doesn't end when she puts on her Reynolds hat. Her resignation would signal in concrete terms her commitment to ethical sourcing and for justice for farm workers.

"Though FLOC repeatedly asked Atkins for her help in contacting Reynolds CEO Susan Ivey, she has never responded directly to FLOC. When we began raising this issue with Chico's corporate leaders, FLOC was told that Atkins had "continuously encouraged" Reynolds CEO Susan Ivey to communicate with FLOC. As yet Reynolds CEO Ivey has not contacted FLOC, nor has Atkins ever contacted FLOC directly about her discussions with Reynolds CEO Ivey.

"We call on Betsy Atkins to resign from the Reynolds American Inc. Board of Directors. Her resignation from the Reynolds Board would be a concrete expression of her support for Chico's Terms of Commitment to Ethical Sourcing as well as her support for justice for farm workers. "

Click here to send a fax to Betsy Atkins asking her resign in protest. We encourage all of our readers to show solidarity with FLOC by sending a fax, today, then sharing this message with your network.