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Sue Myrick Can't Hide From Her Poor Record on Jobs Crisis

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Myrick has been part of the problem

U.S. Representative Sue Myrick sponsored a job fair at Central Piedmont Community College, today, but she did not attend. It's just as well because Myrick’s voting record in Congress shows the only job that concerns her is her own.

According to the most recent data from the Employment Security Commission, Charlotte has an 11.2 percent unemployment rate, and Rep. Myrick bears some of the blame for that sorry statistic. Myrick’s support for bad trade deals cost her district 3,000 manufacturing jobs when Continental Tire closed shop in 2007. Myrick voted to bailout Wall Street after its reckless behavior led to our current jobs crisis but voted to weaken financial reforms that would protect workers and employers from the next one. Myrick has voted time and again against federal unemployment benefits and Trade Adjustment Assistance for the jobless. In April, Myrick voted to adopt the Ryan budget that would end Medicare as we know it. Now, Myrick is using the threat of default on our nation’s debt to push through job-killing austerity measures that would undermine our fragile economic recovery.

“If Sue Myrick really cares about unemployment,” says Charlotte-area resident Greg Lance, “then she should stop voting for bad trade deals and start investing in jobs for American workers.”

People need jobs and employers need customers who can afford to buy their goods and services. No one needs photo ops for cynical politicians. When it comes to our jobs crisis, Rep. Sue Myrick is part of the problem, and we were there to let her know it.

20110802 Myrick Info Picket DSC_9102Info picket organized to hold Myrick accountable

Along with our friends at Action NC, we organized an informational picket outside the job fair. Community activists, union members, and university students in the Union Summer program handed out flyers as attendees rolled into the parking lot.

Click here for coverage of our picket by WCNC.

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