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Strong Showing for Labor 2018 Candidates in May Primaries

Jeremy Sprinkle
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More than 2/3 of labor-endorsed candidates advance to Nov. 6th general election

Unions of working people in Central Labor Councils across North Carolina endorsed 52 local, state, and federal candidates with primary elections in May and helped propel 35 of those candidates to victory and a spot on the general election ballot in November, including big wins in 3 congressional districts.

Linda Coleman in the 2nd CD, Dan McCready in the 9th CD, and Kathy Manning in the 13th all blew their Democratic competition out of the water. Both Coleman and Manning will face off against Republican incumbents on November 6th, but McCready's race to replace Rep. Robert Pittenger in the 9th CD will now be even more competitive since the three-term Republican incumbent lost his primary election.

Big wins by our endorsed candidates also included Leslie Cohen, who pulled out a difficult primary victory in a newly competitive 20th state house district in New Hanover County, while several incumbent Republican and Democratic state legislators running without our endorsement lost their primary election.

Republicans Rep. Justin Burr (House District 67), who introduced the "right to work" constitutional amendment last Fall and Sen. Bob Rucho (Senate District 34), who was the architect of the original legislative district gerrymandering scheme in 2011, both lost their primaries.

Democratic incumbents Sen. Joel Ford (SD 38) and Rep. Duane Hall (HD 11) lost their primaries to two Labor 2018 candidates -- Mujtaba Muhammad and Allison Dahle, respectively.

And Mecklenburg County will have a new sheriff, labor-endorsed candidate Garry McFadden, who has promised to end that county's voluntary participation in the controversial federal 287(g) program.

Click here to view the unofficial May 8, 2018 election results statewide. Below are the May 8th primary results for all of our Labor 2018 candidates:


US House 2: Linda Coleman (DEM)
US House 4: David Price (DEM)
US House 5: Jenny Marshall (DEM)
US House 7: Kyle Horton (DEM)
US House 9: Dan McCready (DEM)
US House 10: Gina Collias (REP)
US House 11: Steve Woodsmall (DEM)
US House 12: Alma Adams (DEM)
US House 13: Kathy Manning (DEM)


NC House 2: Darryl Moss (DEM)
NC House 11: Allison Dahle (DEM)
NC House 20: Leslie Cohen (DEM)
NC House 21: Raymond Smith (DEM)
NC House 33: Rosa Gill (DEM)
NC House 35: Adam Wright (DEM)
NC House 43: Elmer Floyd (DEM)
NC House 53: Richard Chapman (DEM)
NC House 64: Cathy Von Hassel-Davies (DEM)
NC House 65: Michael H (Mike) Lee (DEM)
NC House 79: Bryson Kiel Jones (DEM)
NC House 83: Senah Andrews (D)
NC House 98: Christy Clark (D)
NC House 99: Rodney Moore (D)
NC House 101: Carolyn Logan (D)
NC House 106: Carla Cunningham (D)
NC Senate 1: D. Cole Phelps (DEM)
NC Senate 16: Luis Toledo (DEM)
NC Senate 34: Bill Howell (R)
NC Senate 38: Mujtaba Mohammed (D)


Alamance Co. Board of Comm.: Kristen Powers (DEM)
Buncombe Co. Board of Comm. 2: Nancy Nehls Nelson (DEM)
Buncombe Co. Board of Comm. 3: Catori Swann (DEM)
Buncombe Co. District Attorney 40: Todd M. Williams (DEM)
Forsyth Co. Board of Comm. A: Everette Witherspoon (DEM)
Guilford Co. Board of Education 8: Deena Hayes (DEM)
Guilford Co. Board of Education At-Large: Alan Duncan (DEM)
Guilford Co. District Attorney 24: Avery Michelle Crump (DEM)
Henderson Co. Board of Comm. 1: Patricia (Pat) Sheley (DEM)
Meck. Co. Board of Comm. 2: Vilma Leake (D)
Meck. Co. Board of Comm. 3: George Dunlap (D)
Meck. Co. Board of Comm. 4: Mark Jerrell (D)
Meck. Co. Board of Comm. At-Large: Jamie Hildreth (D)
Meck. Co. Board of Comm. At-Large: Ray McKinnon (D)
Meck. Co. Board of Comm. At-Large: Trevor M. Fuller (D)
Meck. Co. District Attorney 37: Spencer Merriweather (D)
Meck. Co. Sheriff: Garry L. McFadden (D)
New Hanover Co. Board of Comm.: Julia Olson-Boseman (DEM)
New Hanover Co. Board of Comm.: Rob Zapple (DEM)
Wake Co. Board of Comm. 1: Sig Hutchinson (DEM)
Wake Co. Board of Comm. 2: Matt Calabria (DEM)
Wake Co. Board of Comm. 4: Erv Portman (DEM)
Wake Co. Board of Comm. 5: James West (DEM)
Wake Co. Board of Comm. 7: John Burns (DEM)