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State of Emergency Budget Rally on Monday (6/15)

Jeremy Sprinkle
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(Graphic) Together NC logoProtest of destructive budget cuts outside legislature

Lawmakers in Raleigh are considering a budget proposal that would balance the books on the backs of working families by cutting essential programs and services needed now more than ever. Decisions made in the legislature threaten to turn an economic crisis for the state into a state of emergency for the public.

What: Rally followed by a march to the NC General Assembly to say "No" to destructive budget cuts and "YES" to a balanced solution

When: Monday, June 15, 2009 at 5:30pm

Where: outside Jones St entrance to the legislative building

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House lawmakers are proposing to eliminate thousands of jobs in education and health care, the effects of which will push many families over the edge of financial ruin and increase demand for scarce public resources like education, health services, and unemployment assistance.

Join us for a rally that says "NO" to destructive budget cuts and "YES" to a balanced solution that is fair and progressive and includes new revenue.

We can afford to raise some revenue from targeted increases on people making more than $350,000 a year, closing loopholes that let corporations off the hook for paying taxes on income earned in North Carolina, and enacting taxes on some services that are now tax free.

Our message is this: don't risk the health of our economy even more with these very deep cuts. Tell them we need a balanced approach with revenue from the right places, along with cuts where necessary. A fair budget is better for working families, who are counting on good quality education and health care for their children, safe streets and a decent quality of life.