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Stand up for Verizon workers on strike for a better future

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Donate to the Verizon Striking Families Solidarity Fund

Almost 40,000 Verizon workers from Massachusetts to Virginia are on strike because management refuses to back off its demands that would destroy good jobs.

Learn more about the strike and take action at

Verizon is a stunningly profitable - $1.8 billion every month - greedy corporation (and notorious tax dodger) that cares nothing about consumers and workers. Its only aim is to line the pockets of executives and drive up its Wall Street share price.

Get the facts about the Verizon strike (PDF).

The company’s proposals would gut job security protections, contract out more of our work, shutter call centers and offshore the jobs to Mexico and the Philippines, and freeze pensions at 30 years of service.

Verizon workers are trying to keep the American Dream alive - for themselves, their families, and the rest of us:

If Verizon workers don’t agree to all these givebacks, they insist on the right to transfer any employee anywhere in the footprint for two months at a time. And they refuse to bargain any improvements in wages, benefits or working conditions for Verizon Wireless retail workers who organized into CWA in 2014.

Help Verizon workers stand one-day longer, one-day stronger by donating online in any amount to the Solidarity Fund.

If you prefer to donate offline, checks should be made out to Verizon Striking Families Solidarity Fund and mailed to Strikers Solidarity Fund, 501 Third St NW, Washington DC 20001. Contributions will go to help CWA and IBEW strikers.

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